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Crafting in small batches to deliver the exceptional taste quality for chefs and condiment connoisseurs, we take pride in the authenticity and approach of creating signature condiments rooted in world-class gastronomy. By example le Must Dijon mustard is produced in the French countryside off the famous Route des Grand Crus, just down the road from the city of Dijon in Burgundy. While most modern mustard is the result of cooking or high-speed industrial grinding, we maintain the traditional cold stone grind process of the ‘brassica juncea’ mustard seed, avoiding any heating, adhering to the articles of association of the City of Dijon Corporation, that regulate the craft and quality, so that le Must Dijon can be designated a true garanti pur Moutarde de Dijon.

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Le Must culinary condiments are not a chef’s best kept secret, but rather they are the nuanced recipes of a collaboration of merited master food artisans, who believe they can truly help to define a meal and please even the most demanding palate. It starts with a knowledge and an elevated awareness for flavor that sources ingredients when the season is just right, timing that is crucial to the character of creating tastes and textures that are both subtle and sublime, innovative and irresistible, complimenting fine food brilliantly.

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Le Must signature select condiment collection is a celebration of heritage and nature. Taking an organic approach, we work directly with growers dedicated to sustainable farming practices in order to procure the finest ingredients in the world. You can taste the difference.
Deliciously distinctive, each le Must selection will delight you with their individuality and their own unique, complex character.
Each individual Le Must bottle is a work of art filled with the most extraordinary sauce or condiment, and offers a unique, sensory experience to your guests.

Le Must's

Iconic Bottle

Le Must's

Iconic Bottle

  • Pursuit of excellence

    At le Must, the continual pursuit of excellence is indicative in all that we do. From selecting and combining the best grade ingredients, to the expertise of master glassmakers whose design of our bespoke bottles helps to preserve the taste and quality of our culinary condiments. Between High Normandy and the Picardy regions of France is the Valle'e Bresle, also known as la Glass Vallèe, home to the world's production of luxury bottles for perfumes and spirits.

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  • Teritage and Tradition

    Calling on the exceptional heritage and traditional expertise that has been passed down from generation to generation of these glass modelers and makers, the inspired sensibility and presentive approach of the le Must bellied-bottle was born.

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  • Uniquely shaped

    Designed to invite and delight even the most discriminating connoisseur, the uniquely shaped signature presentation of le Must promises to make even the most mundane meal memorable.

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